Here at Home Rider Systems, we have developed our own unique review system to help you make the best decision when buying smart products online. For each product we review, we aim to give you as much information as possible, with additional graphic elements for easier reading.

Our Process For Reviews

  • In-depth category research – we asses all products in a category and only include the ones we feel would be best for you.
  • Detailed customer insight – we review what other customers have said about the product so that you get a more diverse opinion.
  • Other comments around the web – we see what other websites and review pages are saying about the product.
  • Social Media feedback – we check the most popular social media channels to see what real people are saying.

This is how we can form a unique, valuable perspective about each product for you.

What Criteria Do We use For Ratings?

  • Value – this is our perceived value to you, the customer. Does the price accurately reflect the value of the product?
  • Ease – how easy is it to setup/use this product? Sometimes setting these things up can be far more difficult than necessary.
  • Durability – will the product last a long time? Sometimes we need to factor in whether the item will be used outside or inside for example.
  • Compatibility – does it work well with other products? Everyone wants their smart home to be all inclusive.
  • Software – what good is this hardware if the software sucks? Great products need good software to make them worth buying.