All You Need To Know About Ritetemp Thermostats

All You Need To Know About Ritetemp Thermostats

Thermostats keep us warm in the winter when it’s snowing outside, and cool in the summer when the sun is beating down on us. With the flick of a switch on your Ritetemp Thermostat – that acts as an air conditioner in the warm summer months, and a central heater in the chilly winter months – your home will soon be at the ideal temperature. 

There are many advantages to a Ritetemp Thermostat which we’ll get to momentarily, but probably one of the most remarkable features is how you don’t need to turn the thermostat on and off again when you have found your desired temperature.

As a smart thermostat, it can be programmed to specific settings, and once the room has reached the temperature you require, the thermostat will turn off automatically. Good news for your electricity bills!

Technology is ever-changing and as smart homes grow in popularity due to their energy efficiency and their overall convenience, thermostats like the Ritetemp are growing in popularity. It’s increasingly becoming a very competitive market!

Ritetemp, however, was once one of the most popular thermostats on the market. It wasn’t only energy efficient, but Ritetemp made a variety of models with different features, that gave customers a lot of options to choose from, and the opportunity to choose a thermostat that suited their needs. 

Ritetemp’s energy efficiency was thanks to the Energy Star Program, a program highly recommended by the EPA (Energy Protection Agency).

However, if energy efficiency wasn’t  a priority, customers could still purchase a programmed version that was still capable of being energy efficient, thanks to the customizable programs offered by Ritetemp.

While Ritetemp was popular a number of years ago, it appears that Ritetemp has since been discontinued.

But as people still have Ritetemp Thermostats in their homes and old models are still available to buy online, this article will answer a couple of frequently asked questions about Ritetemp Thermostats and provide more information on their products.

Advantages Of A Ritetemp Thermostat

Easy to integrate: No need to worry about any additional expenses to make your appliances compatible with a Ritetemp Thermostat.

As a Ritetemp Thermostat does not need a separate appliance for it to operate, it can be integrated into your existing cooling and heating systems and heat pumps easily. 

Four different program settings: As with every high-quality thermostat, the Ritetemp Thermostat offers four different program settings to adjust to the climate. Ritetemp also provides the distinct feature of a built-in energy efficiency program known as the Energy Star program.

This is a standard program that works well with all Ritetemp models at any temperature, and is still customizable so you can adjust it to the needs of your house.

Reduces electricity bills: The Energy Star program is reported to reduce electricity bills by $100 per year, meaning a Ritetemp Thermostat can help you reduce your electricity bills considerably!

Easy to maintain: To ensure your thermostat lasts, it needs to be cleaned and maintained. Looking inside your thermostat to check if it needs to be cleaned is easy to forget though, but not with a Ritetemp Thermostat!

They have a filter alert that lets you know when the thermostat needs cleaning, or if there is an issue with the device.

Large LCD display: The digits on a thermostat should be clear and easy to read, so you can check the information at a glance without having to walk up to the thermostat. Ritetemp Thermostats have a large LCD display that displays numbers legibly. 

Touch screen: Like most modern thermostats, Ritetemp were constantly innovating their designs and had thoroughly modern touch screen models with touch screens.

Disadvantages Of A Ritetemp Thermostat

Incompatible with some heating systems: While Ritetemp Thermostats are compatible with most systems, some customers have reported that their devices did not work with a heating system of 120 volts, or even with multi-stage heat pumps.

Types of Ritetemp Thermostats

Ritetemp produced a wide range of thermostats for the US market. These included:

Line Voltage/High Voltage Thermostats: The 6004 Ritetemp Thermostat model for example, was designed for electric heating systems such as baseboard heaters, ceiling, in-floor, or space heaters.

Manual/Analog Thermostats: Ritetemp also produced a range of thermostats with manual controls that allowed you to simply turn a dial to increase or reduce the temperature in a room.

Programmable Thermostats: A number of Ritetemp Thermostats have the ability to set 5-2 day schedules or 7-day schedules. In the 5-2 configuration, you could configure weekday and weekend settings, while for 7 day configurations you could set each day as needed.

Non-programmable Thermostats: Ritetemp had a range of non-programmable thermostats that let you turn the system on and off, while also letting you increase or decrease the ambient temperature. 

Touchscreen Thermostat: An upgrade to standard digital thermostats, Ritetemp’s touchscreen thermostats had little to no buttons on the faceplace and were operated by directly interacting with the interface.

Where to find Ritetemp Thermostats

If you have a Ritetemp Thermostat and would like to know where you can find replacement devices (after all, finding a new thermostat can be a pain), then below you will find old models of Ritetemp Thermostats that are currently available on Amazon:

Ebay also has a number of Ritetemp Thermostats available if you’re looking for a replacement.


How do you program a Ritetemp thermostat?

To program a Ritetemp Thermostat, select ‘Heat’ or ‘Cool’ by pressing the mode switch. Then select the correct day to change the temperature for that day. Once the day is selected  press ‘Time Slot’ until you reach the desired time of day.

Finally , adjust the temperature and time, and press ‘Next.’

How do you adjust the heat on a Ritetemp thermostat?

To start Ritetemp Thermostat programming, find the ‘Heat’ and ‘Cool’ adjustments and move the switch to ‘Heat’ and then press the ‘Program’ button. The days of the week will appear abbreviated, and you press the ‘day’ button to adjust whatever day it is.


While Ritetemp Thermostats have since been discontinued, models are still available on Amazon or Ebay and we hope this article provides information on the benefits and drawbacks of a Ritetemp Thermostat, and how they work.

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