Carrier Thermostats Instruction Manuals for ALL models

Carrier Thermostats: Instruction Manuals For ALL Models

There is nothing worse than when your thermostat starts to malfunction, is there? Whether you can’t control the heat or are met with a difficult-to-read screen, a faulty thermostat means you need to whip out your DIY skills and usually involves using the instruction manual. 

Suddenly the panic sets in. You can’t remember where you put it last. You tear your home apart, and still, you can’t find the manual, and fear starts to set in. How are you supposed to fix it? Are you doomed to spend your days with a faulty system not giving you the heat you need?

Well, no more! We are here today to help and get your thermostat in working order again! We have compiled a list of the most popular and requested Carrier thermostats manuals to help you diagnose and repair your thermostat.

We have also included installation manuals for those that need them too!

To help you find your thermostat, we have included the name, model number, and a brief description. Simply scroll down, find your thermostat, and download your manual! It couldn’t be easier to get the information you need.

So let’s get into it!

Carrier Thermostats Instruction Manuals

Below are the instruction manuals for the most popular Carrier thermostats. Keep reading to find yours! 

Model Description Model Number Manual
Commercial Programmable Thermostat 33CS220-01  Manual 

(updated 1998)

Commercial Programmable Thermostat 33CS250-01 Manual

(updated 1998)

Debonair – Commercial Programmable Thermostat 33CSSP2-WC Manual

(updated 1999)

Debonair – Flush-Mounted Flatstat Commercial Programmable Thermostat 33CS250-FS, 33CS220-FS, 33CS Manual

(updated 2005)

Commercial Thermostat 33CPTN-02  Manual

(updated 2000)

Programmable Thermostat Manual
Comfort Thermostat Manual
Digital Thermostat – Programmable Digital Thermostat TSTATCCRF01 Manual
50qe900 – Commercial Light-Activated Programmable Thermostat 50QE900-220LA Manual
Comfort Series Thermostat Manual
Digital Thermostat – 7-Day Programmable  P/N33CS420-01  Manual
Thermostat Remote Control & Receiver P/N33CSIRRCVR-01 Manual
Non-programmable Digital Thermostat  33CS400-01  Manual
Residential Thermostat P274-0150 Manual
7-day Programmable Thermostat 33CS450-01 Manual
Carrier Infinity System  Manual
Programmable Digital Thermostat – 7-day Programmable Manual
Programmable Digital Thermostat 53DFS250-FS Manual
Residential Non-Programmable Thermostat P274-0100-C, P274-0200-C, P274-0300-C Manual
Comfort Choice Edge  Manual
EDGEPro – Commercial Thermostats 33CS, 33CS2PPRH-01, 33CS2PP2S-01 Manual
Cool Share – Web-Programmable Thermostat Manual
Touch Thermostat – Comfort Choice  Manual
Comfort Series – Programmable Thermostat TC-PHP, TC-PAC Manual
Comfort Series – Non-Programmable Thermostat TC-NHP, TC-NAC Manual
Performance Series – Programmable Thermostat TP-PRH, TP-PHP, TP-PAC Manual
Infinity Touch Control SYSTXCCITW01, SYSTXCCITN01 Manual
Comfort Series – Wi-Fi Thermostat TC-WHS01 Manual
Comfort Series – Programmable Thermostat TC-P HP01-A, TC-PAC01-A Manual
Performance Series – AC/HP Wi-Fi Thermostat  TP-WEM01 Manual
Residential Thermostats TSTPHA01 CORR5, TSTWHA01 CORR5C Manual
Carrier Cor Thermostat Manual
PTCS Heat Pump – Carrier Infinity Touch Control  SYSTXCCITW01-A, SYSTXCCINTN01-A, SYSTXCCITC01-A, SYSTXCCITC01-B  Manual

Carrier Thermostats Installation Manuals 

Keep reading to find the installation manual for your Carrier thermostat and get the information you need! 

Model Description Model Number Manual
Carrier Cor Thermostat – AC/HP Wi-Fi Thermostat  TP-WEM01, A14577 Manual
Performance Series – AC/HP Wi-Fi Thermostat  TP-WEM01 Manual
Performance Series – Edge Thermidistat Control  TP-PRH-A, TP-PRH-B, TP-NRH-A, TP-NRH-B, A07049, A07048  Manual
Infinity Control SYSTXCCUID01-V Manual
Base Series – Non-Programmable Thermostat TB-NAC, TB-NHP Manual
Programmable Thermostats Manual
Thermidistat Control  A98426 Manual
Apollo Control  50TFQ004-012, 48/50TF, TM004-014, 50HJQ004-016, 48/50TJ, TM016-028 Manual
Non-Programmable Thermostat  PTACSTAT-NP-HC, PTACSTAT-NP-HP Manual
EDGEPro – Programmable Commercial Thermostat 33CS2PPRH-01, 33CS2PP2S-01 Manual
Non-Programmable Thermostat  TCSNAC01, TCSNHP01 Manual
Base Series – Programmable Thermostats  TB-PAC, TB-PHP Manual
Performance Series – AC/HP Thermostat TP-PAC, TP-PHP, TP-NAC, TP-NHP, A07049, A07048 Manual