Totaline Thermostat – Models, Manuals & Troubleshooting

Totaline Thermostat – Models, Manuals & Troubleshooting

It is really unfortunate to say that ‘Carrier’ no longer produces thermostats under the brand ‘Totaline’, so it can be super hard to get troubleshooting solutions now However, that is why we are here, we will help you troubleshoot any issues with your Totaline thermostat.

What alternative thermostats can you get? 

Most major retailers and merchants do not carry Totaline thermostats anymore. However, if you need a replacement for yours, you can find them on independent seller sites such as eBay.

You are not stuck forever, independent seller sites are always selling things that are seemingly outdated, or have otherwise disappeared from the market. 

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What upgraded thermostats are there? 

If you need a new thermostat after you find out your Totaline one hasn’t got much life left in it, then you can always look into getting a replacement.

There are plenty of new and smart thermostats that can save you plenty of cash. They will automatically turn off when you are not at home. 

One of our favorites is the Nest learning thermostat, it looks sleek and works like a dream. Check it out here! 

Now, we want to look at any issues you may face with your current Totaline thermostat so that you do not have to replace it due to any minor issues. Most, if not all, of the possible problems you may get, will be featured here. 

Manuals for Totaline thermostats

For any item that has been discontinued, it can be difficult, or sometimes impossible to find the accurate instruction manual for your device, especially if you bought it second-hand, or if you lost the original packaging. 

We have a list below of the main model manuals so that you can easily find yours. You can also find manuals and imagery at to find up-to-date manuals and product information. 

(All manuals and images here are under copyright © Carrier Corporation)

Model Description Model Number Manual
Non-programmable Thermostat P310-0110, P310-0210 Manual
Thermostat 997-980350-6A Manual
Wireless Programmable Digital Thermostat 9474-1100RF Manual
Heat Pump Thermostat P171-0140 Manual
1 For All non-programmable P474-0100 Manual
1 For All programmable. P374-2300FM Manual
Total Touch 3 Heating, 2 Cooling, Humidity Control, Dual Fuel Switch P286-1500 Manual
Total Touch, 2 heating, 1 cooling. 2 wire touch screen with HVAC control. P286-1600 Manual
Signature 7-day Programmable Digital Thermostat P374-2900 Manual
7 Day programmable Digital Thermostat P374-2800 Manual
Non-Programmable Digital Thermostat P374-2700 Manual
7-Day Programmable Digital Thermostat P374-1800 Manual
1-Day Programmable Digital Thermostat P374-1700 Manual
Total Touch 3 heating, 2 cooling P286-1300 Manual
Total Touch. 3 Heating, 2 Cooling, w/ humidification and dehumidification.  P286-1400 Manual
Total Touch 2 Heating, 1 Cooling P286-1200 Manual
Digital Thermostat with Humidity Control 7-Day Programmable.  P374-1900 Manual
Gold Series P372-0000, P374-0100, P374-0200, P374-0300 Manual
Programmable Thermostat 997-550011-201 Manual
Star Non-Programmable Digital Thermostat. P474-0130 Manual
Thermostat 997-550011-19 Manual
Programmable Digital Thermostat P374-2200 Manual
Commercial Thermostat P274-2100 Manual
1 For All programmable Digital Thermostat. P474-1010 Manual
1 For All Programmable Digital Thermostat. P474-1050 Manual
2-Wire Programmable Digital Thermostat. P474-1020 Manual
1 For All Programmable Digital Thermostat. P374-1100 Manual
Star 2-Wire Non-Programmable Digital Thermostat P474-0220 Manual
1 For All Programmable Digital Thermostat P374-1100FM Manual
Intellistat Combination Temperature + Humidity Control P374-1600 Manual
1 For All Programmable Digital Thermostat. P474-2150 Manual
Commercial Non-Programmable Thermostat CPV210, P374-2100 Manual
Star Residential Programmable Digital Thermostat. P474-1000 Manual

The product ranges

Totaline is a brand that is owned by a global company named ‘Carrier’, which is a company that provides large parts, and supplies, for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration.

Totaline produced a wide number of thermostat models during their time, as you can see above. They each had a specific model with varying features that would be accustomed to your individual needs. 

We have a list of all these products. However, we are going to start off by looking at the battery powered Totaline thermostats. These ones are part of the Star sub-brand. These models have a similar, modern-looking neat design with Mode and Fan switches. 

The Star sub-brand is a line that has both programmable and non-programmable thermostats, which are identified by their P474 number.

Their models are tagged as programmable if they have a “-1xxx” or a “-2xxx” suffix. Their design depends on when they were released. Many of these will include separate mode and fan switches. 

Then there are the FlatStat models which use the numbers P374. They also use screens with thermoglow technology (cool, huh?) These models also have a visible sensor on their lower-left area.

Sharing also the P374 lines are the Heat Cool and Heat Pump models which use a different design, these are separated by commercial or residential products. 

There are even more features that can be found in the following P3XX models, such as these; P310 Basic Series, the P320 Easy Series, the P330 Smart series (these are not to be mixed up with smart thermostats), the P340-1XXX Deluxe (which includes touchscreen functionality). 

Then there is the awesome Gold product line by Totaline, which is a series of programmable thermostats. They all share a similar design, with a thermostat cover that can be flipped open.

Some of these models also have a wide display screen with extra buttons. Some may have square displays that have fewer buttons. You get whichever best suits you. 

Then there is the P7 Product line, which includes; the P710 Performance series, the P720 Signature series, and the P730 Premier series. 

How do I reset a Totaline thermostat? 

So, now we are all caught up on which thermostat does what, and which is which. You have your manual for your thermostat, and you are clear on which it is that you have. Now, we need to combat some of those troubleshooting issues.

One of the biggest ones is, how do you reset a Totaline thermostat? We all know that if something is not working properly, the best thing to do is turn it off, and turn it back on again, or in other words, reset it. 

Resetting is a very common thing that many people will consider when they are troubleshooting any issues. 

By resetting a thermostat, you do not simply turn it off and turn it on again, you are resetting it to its factory default settings. This means that any history in the thermostat and anything it has memorized will disappear, and you will be starting from scratch again.

So, before you do this, you will need to consider if this is definitely something that you need to do. 

You may want to note down some of the settings it currently has before you reset it, similarly, we would recommend noting down any schedules it currently has, so you do not have to completely restart again. 

Here is a set-by-step process on what you should do to reset your Totaline thermostat. 

Four Buttons

  1. How this is done depends on the type of thermostat you have. If your thermostat has four-buttons, then you need to press and hold down the mode button. As you do this, do the same for the ‘down’ button as well. 
  1. Hold these buttons down for up to five seconds until you see some changes with the display. This means it may flash, or it may display all icons. Do not worry, this is normal. 
  1. Now, you need to press and hold down the fan button, or the override button, until the display changes once more. 
  1. To finish this part of the process up, press the mode button twice. 

More than Four Buttons

  1. If your thermostat has more than four buttons, including a fan button, then you will need to press and hold the mode button and the fan button for around 7 seconds. 
  1. Release both of these buttons, and then press and hold the fan button until you see changes in the display. 
  1. To finish this up, press the mode button twice. 

Program Switch

  1. If your thermostat has a program switch, then all you need to do is slide it to ‘set’. 
  1. Then you need to press and hold the ‘Next’ button until you see changes in the display. 
  1. Then you need to press the ‘Next’ button and then press and hold it again until you see ‘Fd’ displayed on the screen. 
  1. To finish up, press ‘Next’ three times’ 

How can I unlock a Totaline thermostat? 


With any piece of technology these days, we have a want for extra security in the items we use, this includes thermostats.

This means that some people will want to lock their Totaline thermostat to prevent any unauthorized access from changing things, and to prevent any unauthorized or accidental changes.

Locking a thermostat prevents any keypad presses from activating it, meaning that if someone walks by it and accidentally knocks it, there will be no changes made and nothing to worry about if it is locked. Totaline thermostats include this functionality as a keypad lockout. 

If you have kids or over ambitious pets in the house, then you might want to set up a lock on your thermostat to keep it safe from kids and animals who just cannot resist pressing buttons.

If you are very security conscious, you may also want to set up a lock on your Totaline thermostat, just to have peace of mind. 

However, like with anything, we sometimes forget our own passwords, so it is no surprise that you might before the steps you need to unlock your thermostat. It’s okay, don’t worry, it is easy and only takes a few seconds. 

This is how you do it; 

  1. Start off by simply pressing and holding the Mode button down on your thermostat. 
  2. Then, with the Mode button held down, press both the Up button and the Down button together, at the same time. 
  3. The locked icon should then disappear, and you should be able to operate the thermostat normally again. The thermostat may not notify or display any changes after being unlocked, however, so keep this in mind, and do not worry if you do not get a signal to tell you it is unlocked. 
  4. To then lock the thermostat again, once you have done what you needed to do, simply repeat the same steps as you did to lock it. Pressing the Mode button down, and holding it. Then, while you keep Mode pressed down, press both the Up and Down buttons together. It is really easy to do, and since it is the same as locking it and unlocking it, you should never forget it again! 

How do you set a Totaline thermostat? 

Now, you may want to set different things up on your thermostat, including the clock, the operation mode, or scheduling temperature programs. For any of these, we have you covered. 

First, let’s look at how you can set the clock

(If your thermostat has a ‘program’ switch, then skip straight to step 5) 

  1. Press and hold down the Mode button, then press and hold ‘Override’ for 2 seconds. 
  2. Use the direction buttons to set the values you want. 
  3. Press Mode to proceed. 
  4. Repeat the first step to finish up. 
  5. If you have a program switch, simply slide to ‘set’. 
  6. Using the direction buttons to set the values, then press ‘Next’ for the next setting. To finish up, simply slide the program switch back from ‘set’ to ‘finish’ and you are all done. It is super simple. 

Next, let’s have a look at how you can set the operation mode on your thermostat. 

  1. First, check for a mode switch for heat, cool, or off. 
  2. Select the desired mode on your thermostat. 
  3. Adjust the temperature using the direction buttons on your thermostat. If the program is in ‘run’ you will override the schedule currently in place. 
  4. If you do not have a mode or program switch, then you will need to press the ‘mode’ button. 
  5. Adjust the heat setting using direction buttons, or you can simply proceed to the next step. 
  6. Press ‘Mode’ again to toggle to the next options such as; cool, auto, program on, program off. 

Now, we want to have a look at how you can set up the programming on your thermostat. 

(If you do not have a program switch, skip to step 4)

  1. Slide the program switch to ‘set’ to begin. 
  2. Toggle your options using the ‘Next’ button, and also using the directional buttons to change the values. 
  3. Then slide the program switch to ‘run’ to finish up. 
  4. If you do not have a program switch, then press and hold ‘Mode’. 
  5. While still holding ‘Mode’ press and hold the ‘Up’ button for 2 seconds. 
  6. Once you have done this, use the directional buttons to change the values, and ‘Mode’ to toggle to the next settings. 
  7. After you have set your preferences, repeat steps 4 and 5 to finish up. 

How do you remove a Totaline thermostat?

Whether you have decided you need a new thermostat, or if your current thermostat needs to be moved to a new place in your home, or if you are moving home and want to take your thermostat with you, you will need to remove it. 

When you remove a Totaline thermostat, we highly recommend that you power down your HVAC system to ensure safety. 

How you remove or detach the Totaline thermostat depends on what type it is, according to how it is powered.

You need to double-check if it is powered by batteries as a primary power source, or if it is wired to your system and uses batteries as a back-up power source.

These two types of power will usually have a different panel, or they may have different attachment designs that will influence how they can be removed. 

In the manuals that we have provided above, you will  be able to find out which type your thermostat is, so that you can adequately remove your thermostat safely and without any harm to yourself, or to your thermostat. 

How to remove a Totaline thermostat if it is a battery powered thermostat

  1. If your thermostat is a battery powered one, then you will probably want a flat head screwdriver, this will be a great help. You will use it to insert the head into the slots in order to detach the thermostat.
  2. First, you will need to locate the slots. These will likely be at the top area of the thermostat. 
  3. Now, insert the flat head screwdriver into the slot, and twist the screwdriver to unsnap the attachment, remember “righty tighty, lefty loosey”. 
  4. Once you have done one slot, do the same for the other one. Take your time, there is no rush. 
  5. Now that you have unsnapped the attachments, gently pull the front panel away, starting from the sides with the slots. Then slowly pull it all away. 

How to remove a Totaline thermostat if it is a wired thermostat

  1. If your thermostat is a wired thermostat then the steps you can take for a battery powered option may not work very well, or at all, so you need a different approach. The first thing you need to do is to get a good grip on your thermostat from the sides. 
  2. Now, you will want to pull the panel off towards you, check which side it budges at, then try to give it a little wiggle as you pull it. 
  3. If your thermostat does not dislodge very well, try detaching it vertically instead, starting from the bottom, then going upward, rather than vice versa. Remember to be gentle and not forceful with your thermostat as you try to remove it, especially if you intend on continuing to use it afterward. 


Losing a manual for any piece of electrical equipment is always stressful, especially if it is something that you have had for a very long time, and you simply cannot remember how it works.

However, if you have lost the manual, you do not need to go digging through the bank and taking out wads of cash to call in an expert yet. You can easily locate an online copy of the manual, either here, or elsewhere on the internet.

The internet will have manuals of any item you can imagine stored on websites and databases. Hopefully, with all the information we have here for you, you won’t even need it, and you can troubleshoot your problem with ease with all of our simple step-by-step guides. 

Totaline no longer exists as a sold brand, they have discontinued, and so owners of Totaline equipment are left to solve their issues themselves.

As long as you know the model and code for your thermostat, and you know which buttons and switches it does and does not have, you can easily troubleshoot any issue you are having with our simple guides.

There is nothing you can’t do with a bit of help from us. 

If your Totaline thermostat is no longer doing it for you, you can always check out the latest smart thermostat options online, trust us, there are hundreds!