Alexa Green Ring

Alexa Green Ring: How To Answer, Dismiss, Or Disable!

These days most houses across the country have an Alexa device somewhere.

Whether it’s an Echo acting as your main speaker, a Dot in bedrooms, or kitchens, these babies are responsible for bringing music to our ears and reminding us that yet another delivery is due to arrive today. 

But sometimes, Alexa goes rogue. The blue light flashes when you don’t say her name, and you wonder if you are alone.

Or the device does something you have never seen before. One of these features that are stumping users is the green light appearing in the ring. 

It appears as a flashing green light, pulsing or spinning, and leaves many of us unsure of its meaning, especially when we see it. It can surprise us and leave us wondering, what does that mean?

Well, wonder no more! Today, we are here to tell you what the green ring means, how to answer it, dismiss it, and importantly disable it if you don’t want to see it anymore! Keep reading for all the information you need. 

Quick answer: What is the Alexa Green Ring?

For those that just want to know now, the green ring on your Echo devices shows you that you have an incoming call or drop-in. The type of green light varies depending on if the call is incoming or if you are on a call. 

And that’s all there is to it! Don’t worry; we have plenty of information about the green ring coming up!

What is a Drop-in?

Drop-in is one of Amazon Alexa’s new features. If you have multiple Echo devices in your home, you can call each other from the devices. Who needs to stand at the bottom of the stairs and shout up now when you can call with your Echo instead? 

For those with an Echo or Echo dot, you will have an audio call with other Echo users, and those with Echo Shows can enjoy a video call. You will both need an Echo Show to enjoy a video call, though.

You can also make calls to those outside your home with Alexa devices. If your friends have Echo devices and have enabled Alexa Calling or Messaging, you can call them instead of using your phones.

To enable calling and messaging, you need to do this through your Alexa App on your mobile device. 

It’s pretty easy to do and can be done by following the settings options. If you do struggle, visit the help page on your Alexa app. More often than not, the advice will be found there, or a link to another help site or FAQ page will get you the answers that you need!

To use the Drop-in function, simply ask Alexa to drop in on and give your friend’s name. This will initiate the call, and once they answer, you can chat to your heart’s content! 

The Green Ring – What is it?

The green ring or light doesn’t mean anything wrong with your Echo device, so don’t panic! The green ring means you have a notification for an incoming call.

Just like the other flashing lights on your Amazon Echo indicate a notification, the green one means you have a call and comes in a few different variations. 

The green light is either spinning in a clockwise motion or pulsing/flashing. Let’s take a closer look at what these different types of light mean!

Pulsing Green Ring – What does it mean?

A pulsing green light on your Echo means that you are getting a call. It can also indicate that someone is dropping in. To make the light disappear, say Alexa answer, and you will be connected with the caller.

Although, for a generation that hates answering the phone, this isn’t your only solution!

If your Echo device has a screen, it will display the name of the caller. Should you wish, you can answer it and chat with the caller. But on the occasions that you don’t want to, or it’s an unknown number, you can decide what to do!

The Echo will display the number if it’s unknown or not a saved contact so that you won’t be left in the dark. 

You can say drop, and the call will be declined, saving you from the small talk or another cold-caller! You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to.

You can simply ignore the call and the light; once the call ends, the green light will stop pulsing, and you will have successfully dodged another call! 

If you aren’t home and someone calls, the green light will pulse if your Echo is turned on. It will stop once the incoming call has dropped, but it does take a little longer. It will complete ten rings; then, the light will stop pulsing.

Spinning Green Ring – What does it mean?

You might also see a spinning green light on your Echo. This happens when you pick up a call and not before. The spinning green ring shows that you are in an active call or drop-in. The light will spin clockwise for the entire duration of the call. 

Once your call has ended, the green ring should disappear. However, sometimes your Echo will still show the spinning green light. In these cases, ask Alexa to hang up, or you can end the call through your Alexa app on your phone. 

How to disable the green ring

Now green isn’t everyone’s color, and you might want it gone. Thankfully you can disable the green ring on your Echo device, and it will no longer use it to notify you of incoming calls. 

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone.
  2. Next, tap the three horizontal lines in the top left-hand corner. 
  3. Select settings, then device settings, and amazon Alexa device. You might need to scroll to find these options, don’t be alarmed if you don’t see them straight away. 
  4. Using the general tab, select communication. 
  5. Tap on communication to toggle it off. 
  6. After you turn off communication, it will turn gray, don’t panic if you see this!
  7. Your Echo will now not display the green light to indicate that you have an incoming call or drop-in. 

Final Word 

And just like that, we have come to the end of our Echo journey today. The green ring is a way of telling you there is an incoming call and is part of its calling and messaging feature. 

The ring will either pulse or spin depending on whether you are getting a call or ongoing. You can also use the tips today to disable your green light setting if the light irritates you!