Can you use a Firestick on Roku TV

Can you use a Firestick on Roku TV? All You Need To Know!

When it comes to streaming services, we all want to make the right choice, don’t we? And while many of us enjoy Roku TV, we can’t help but look over at Firestick users with envy and wonder if we made the right choice?

We start to think, I want what they have and wonder if we too can have a Firestick and use it on our Roku TV. It starts to keep us up at night as we question the compatibility, the streaming capabilities, and the range of selection available. We wonder, can I use a Firestick on Roku TV?

Well, wonder no more! Today, we are here with all the answers you need! Let’s find out if you can use a Firestick on Roku TV and everything you need to know about these streaming devices!

Can you use a Firestick on Roku TV? Quick Answer

Let’s put you out of your misery and get you the answer you need! Yes, you can use a Firestick on Roku TV! You just need an extra HDMI port on your TV for it to work. Whether you have Roku TV installed or a Roku Stick in your smart TV, you can connect a Firestick using the HDMI port. 

You will get access to the latest streaming services like Netflix and Disney+, as well as hundreds of apps! You get fantastic control when installing Amazon Kids Subscription, monitoring their usage, and locking apps if you need to. 

Your Firestick will come with a separate remote to control it, and so will your Roku TV. You will need two remotes, unfortunately, which can be frustrating for some people. You might also need to manually switch the inputs from Roku to Firestick when your TV turns on too.

Thankfully, this is easy, simply hit your source button and select the desired HDMI port. 

So while you will need to juggle multiple remotes, you can enjoy the benefits of both Firestick and Roku TV on one screen! Now that we have covered that let’s take a closer look at these streaming services. 

Firestick vs. Roku TV 

Both Roku TV and Amazon’s Firestick are some of the best streaming devices. You get access to movies, seasons, documentaries, games, and much more! But both devices differ when it comes to interface, navigation, capabilities, data usage, and more.

Let’s take a look at how they differ to help you choose between the two or find out if you need both!

Voice control 

Both devices have a voice control system that allows you to search the device. Firestick’s Alexa wins between the two. It’s systematic and updated regularly. 

Data efficiency 

Roku TV wins here! It’s extremely data-efficient and costs four times less than a Firestick in terms of data usage.


Another win for Roku TV! Their interface is extremely straightforward. It looks like an old-school App interface with all the channel subscriptions on the home screen. Everything is accessible, and many users find it easy to use. 

Firestick, on the other hand, has a complicated interface. The emphasis is on Prime Video (with many new releases you have to pay for), and it can be difficult to search for other videos, and it is time-consuming too!


You get far more flexibility with Amazon’s Firestick. There are more subscriptions, and you can even use them on your laptops, mobile devices, and Roku TV! Roku TV only allows Roku channels, and they can only be played on Roku devices, limiting your choices. 


Amazon takes the point here too! The Firestick has far more features and apps than Roku TV and is supported in far more countries, too, making it, for some users, a worthwhile choice. 

Is a Firestick worth it?

It is! Amazon’s Firestick is one of the top streaming devices, and it’s no wonder why! The range of channels and advanced features sets it apart from its competition.

It’s a fantastic addition to Smart TVs using Roku TV as it offers you a wider selection of shows and apps to enjoy without needing to switch TVs!

You can also choose the quality, allowing you to enjoy channels with 1080p to 4K resolution at a reasonable price! Can you argue with that?

While it sounds amazing, Firestick isn’t the only streaming device out there offering these features. Roku TV, Apple TV, and Google TV are all competitors trying to take you away from Amazon.

They all come with a wide range of content that users enjoy. Anyone you choose will serve you well, but it’s worth considering two factors: choice and budget. 

You want to consider the range of apps and streaming services each device offers. You don’t want to part with your money and be left with nothing to watch, do you? You should also consider the price of the device and the subscription cost to any streaming service they offer.

Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu all come at a monthly cost, and it is worth factoring that into your budget when purchasing. 

At the time of writing, the Firestick is the cheapest on the market! You can usually grab a bargain, especially when there are flash sales or Black Friday deals. With the Alexa voice search, you can locate content easily and deliver high-quality content without breaking the bank. 

It’s worth purchasing. You can grab it here.

Amazon Firestick: Pros and Cons 

Let’s take a quick look at some of the pros and cons of an Amazon Firestick. If you are still on the fence, taking a look at these can help you make your decision easily today!


Simple Design 

The straightforward design puts you on the home screen, allowing you to see all the subscriptions easily. You can tap the remote to go to your desired channel and start watching.

4K resolution

You can enjoy a fantastic resolution with the Amazon Firestick, seeing content in up to 4K resolution. For those that are seeking high resolution, it’s certainly the right choice!

Range of content 

There is a huge range of content on the Firestick. You get many channels to choose from, packed full of quality content that subscribers love! You will need to pay for the subscription services, but most of them are competitively priced. 

Fast device 

The Firestick is one of the fastest streaming devices in the world. There have not been any claims from Amazon to prove that, but many users claim it’s the fastest streaming device they have used. Either way, you can expect fast streaming speeds!


Limited scope 

Compared to other devices, the Firestick does have limited scope. It’s difficult to use with a computer or mobile like with Chromecast. This might change in the future, but you can expect some limits to the device at present. 

Excess data 

As we mentioned earlier, the Firestick is not data-efficient. It costs roughly four times more data than other streaming devices, leaving some users with a hefty bill. If you have unlimited data in your plan, though, it shouldn’t be an issue!

What about Apple TV and Google TV?

Have you considered these options and aren’t sure which one is right for you? If we had to choose, we would go with Google TV.

There’s a whole host of cool features, a fantastic search engine, and it shows you what the trending movies and shows are that people are currently searching for. 

It’s still fairly new and will need improvements and more apps to be added. It won’t offer the results a Firestick will, but we can expect that to change over time.

Apple TV is another good option, but it’s far more expensive, and that’s without the added subscription costs! It’s certainly not one for those looking to save some pennies. 

What do we recommend?

Ultimately the decision is yours and should be decided by your favorite channels and your budget. But, we know it’s nice to have some reassurance that you are making the right decision and will recommend some options to you now. 

You should get something compatible with devices you already have, especially your smart speaker. You want to be able to control your tv easily, using your voice. If you already have an Alexa device, go for a Firestick. For those with a Google Nest Mini, get Google TV.

For now, we would recommend purchasing a Firestick now and upgrading to a Google Stick in a year or two if you wish. At that point, they should have grown and added more apps and child protection features that parents will find beneficial. 


Before you leave today, let’s answer some of your burning streaming-related questions!

Do I need a Firestick or Roku TV if I have a smart TV? 

, making it a worthwhile choice for some users

It will depend on your TV! Some Smart TVs will already have access to streaming services, meaning that you won’t need to purchase a device. Instead, you can use your TV remote and a connection to the internet to gain access.

However, some Smart TVs will have limited options and subscriptions. In these cases, you will need a streaming device to get the subscription you want. 

Would a Firestick connect to an old TV?

Yes, if your old TV had an HDMI port and can match your Firestick resolution, you can connect your Firestick to the TV! It will perform as it would on a Smart TV, allowing you to stream and enjoy.

If the TV doesn’t have an HDMI port, you can purchase an adapter that would allow you to connect the two. 

Can you watch regular TV on a streaming device?

Yes, you can! There are plenty of channels on these devices that allow you to watch normal TV on a streaming device! You can access Fox News, Al Jazeera, ABC, and others easily! You can also connect the antenna to streaming devices to tune into live broadcasting. 

Do Roku and Firestick need Wi-Fi?

Amazon’s Firestick will always need Wi-Fi. The stick does not come with an Ethernet connection and will have to connect to your home Wi-Fi network. However, you can purchase an Ethernet port and connect them this way if you wish, but Wi-Fi is usually the easiest option. 

Some Roku devices will connect to Ethernet directly, while some require a USB adapter for the connection. It’s best to check which yours has before purchasing. 

Final Word

And just like that, we have reached the end of our streaming device journey today! As you can see, you can use a Firestick and Roku TV on the same device and enjoy plenty of content, games, and more!

Be sure to consider carefully which streaming device is right for you and enjoy hours of wonderful content.

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