Who are the Main Home Automation Companies? 2

Who are the Main Home Automation Companies?

A few decades ago, home automation was only restricted to super-tech buildings perhaps solely owned by the elite.

However, this is not the case nowadays and home automation is now increasingly affordable, becoming a fundamental addition to nearly all architectural projects.

At the basic level, home automation involves connecting devices through a centralized hub which is accessible by smartphones, computers, and tablets. The connected devices usually include lighting fixtures, appliances, electrical outlets, smoke detectors, security cameras, cooling and heating units, sensors and many other devices.

The primary purpose of home automation is to make your life easier, simpler, affordable and safer.

The technology seeks to be globally intelligent, creating a functional system that facilitates various home processes without unnecessarily complicating your life.

For instance, home automation users can remotely turn on or off their lighting at specific times during the day, adjust their smart thermostat according to their temperature preferences, or keep an eye over their homes while they are away thanks to the connected smart security cameras.

We can only hope that the popularity and the importance of home automation are going to increase significantly in the coming years.

But, who are the main home automation companies driving the home automation market?

According to data by GlobalData, the home automation market is expected to hit $75 billion by 2025, having experienced a rapid compound annual growth rate of 18%.

So today in this particular post, I want to provide you with some of the best home automation devices and appliance providers that are currently making their mark in the automated home arena.

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1. August Home

Based in San Francisco, August Inc is a home automation company that mainly focuses on Wi-Fi connected door locks as well as doorbell cameras.

The company focuses on smart security products that are not only highly affordable but are equally of high quality and extremely convenient. Their smart security appliances are also very easy to install and use, contradicting other home automation technologies that are very complex to operate.

August Smart locks generally work with the existing deadbolt on your door and provides the luxury of an app to allow you to control your home lock mechanisms remotely through your smartphone.

Simply put, this automation company provides arguably the most powerful automated locking mechanisms.

2. Arlo Technologies

Smart security cameras are essential components of every smart home. Arlo Technologies is a home automation company that manufactures wireless security cameras.

As of February last year, the company had shipped more than 11.7 million devices and had more than 2.85 million registered users. These figures only signify the importance of security cameras in today’s highly digitized world.

Its original product, the Arlo Security Camera, was released during the fourth quarter of 2014 at Best Buy and on Amazon. It was a battery-operated Wi-Fi security camera equipped with 720 HD video quality, IP65-rated weather resistance, and commendable night vision. The camera also features passive infrared motion detection, that captures the video of the motion event, notifying the user on their smartphone device in the process.

It is imperative to note that Arlo produces a broad range of security cameras including a baby and portable monitoring systems. Its most recent product is the Arlo Ultra, which is also operated by a battery and has 4K High Dynamic Range video, incredible night vision, integrated spotlight, offers cloud storage, has a wide 180-degree FOV with enhanced motion detection.

It now produces lots of other product categories including mobile products, AC-powered cameras, wire-free cameras, lights, and doorbells.

3. Samsung SmartThings

Samsung’s SmartThings is best known for its affordable, seamless and powerful smart hub devices that work with a broad range of compatible products, including those using Z-wave and ZigBee protocols.

With a SmartThings hub device at your disposal, you will turn your home into a smart home. SmartThings wirelessly connect with a range of smart devices and appliances and lets everything work together from a central point.

You only need to purchase a SmartThings Wi-Fi enabled hub to your Wi-Fi network to remotely control your smart thermostat, smart light bulbs or other smart appliances using your smart Voice Assistant speakers such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

The SmartThings app works on both Apple and Android operating systems and you can add compatible speakers, switches, security cameras and door locks for a seamless automated operation.

4. Philips

When it comes to smart lighting, Philips smart bulbs are hard to beat.

The company produces an array of Hue smart bulbs that will surely cater to the needs of every lover of smart lighting.

Philips Hue light bulbs are compatible with many automation speakers from various platforms including Apple, Amazon, Google, and this implies that you can easily control your lights remotely at the comfort of your couch.

5. Google Nest

This is arguably one of the most popular smart home automation companies and is rapidly gaining more and more followers thanks to its top-notch appliances and devices tailored toward making homes smarter.

The Nest brand was initially under the ownership of Nest Labs, which was co-founded by former Apple engineers Matt Rogers and Fadell Tony in 2010.

Its flagship product, which is the Learning Nest Thermostat, was introduced into the market in 2011. This thermostat is programmable, sensor-driven, self-learning, and Wi-Fi-enabled. This was followed two years ago by the Nest smoke and carbon dioxide detectors. Soon after, the company produced its Nest Cam branding of security cameras.

It is imperative to note that Google bought Nest Labs for $3.2 billion in 2014. Though the company continued to operate independently for a few years, Nest was subsequently merged into Google’s smart home devices and is currently marketed under the Google Nest brand.

Apart from the Nest Learning thermostat and smoke and carbon dioxide detectors, the company is also making a series of security cameras for both outdoors and indoors.

6. Ring

Formerly known as Doorbot, Ring Inc is a home automation and home security company currently owned by Amazon.

It manufacturers an array of security devices that incorporate outdoor motion-detection security cameras such as the Video Ring Doorbell. The ring has since expanded its products and now produces security systems and smart lighting solutions.

The Ring security cameras, in particular, help protect both the inside and around homes with useful features and specifications families love, such as the Ring mobile app which allows you to remotely connect and connect a variety of Ring devices.

Ring’s camera is equipped with excellent motion detection, HD video, and two-way talk. Ring security devices are very easy to install and control and are compatible with a range of smart products in the industry.

7. Assa Abloy

This is a Swedish conglomerate whose offerings cover services and products that range from entrance automation, gates, doors, and locks.

To be more precise, Assa Abloy product categories include access control systems, intelligent lockers, key management systems, automatic doors, security doors, and mechanical locks among others.

8. Apple

Having entered the home automation market in 2014 with the launch of the HomeKit platform, Apple has experienced rapid growth in the smart technology scene.

This smart platform allows users to configure and control connected. Previously, the platform was only compatible with a handful of devices and appliances. However, this has now changed and the number of HomeKit-compatible appliances has been on a rapid rise.

Generally, HomeKit allows for secure pairing with smart devices and gives you the ability to control individual devices including locks, cameras, lights, thermostats, switches, plugs and ore. One of the coolest features it offers is the ability to regulate any smart home device with Siri based on some specific commands.

HomeKit devices are controllable from iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and HomePod.

9. Belkin

As one of the leading home automation companies in the world, Belkin has shown that just about any device used in the home can be automated and connected to your home automation system.

The company produces a host of beneficial smart home products including light switches, video surveillance, switches, and energy-saving outlets.

10. Icontrol Networks

This company is a leader in connected home automation and innovation, designing high-end smart tech solutions that guarantee greater peace-of-mind, allow for simple home and energy management, and make life comfortable and highly convenient for homeowners.

Its home automation solutions include remote control and management for smart home security systems through smartphones, web, tablets, and in-home touchscreens.

What’s more, the company provides Piper, an internet-enabled home automation and awareness device that combines home automation, video, and environmental sensors that interact with tablet or smartphone.

11. HomeSeer

This is an award-winning home automation system that is popular among smart technology enthusiasts thanks to its comprehensive compatibility with other software systems and remote control technologies.

HomeSeer currently produces home automation software and controllers that are designed to seamlessly integrate security, cooling and heating, lighting, and other subsystems found in most smart homes. To make your work easier, it maintains an online store of compatible smart home devices and appliances and also provides a free online community forum for both dealers and users.

12. Vera

Known for its incredible remote access capabilities and superb technical support, Vera rightly deserves its place in this list as one of the most powerful home automation companies.

It offers one of the most seamless ways to program and remotely monitor, control and manage the random events in your smart home. The fact that it can connect with any web browser and iOS or Android smartphone application means complete control over your smart devices and appliances when you are away from home.

The platform is compatible with a host of motion detectors, security cameras as well as peripheral devices including lighting fixtures, door sensors, which are all controllable through its remote functionality.


These are some of the most successful and trusted home automation and smart tech brands currently ruling the market. Of course, there are others that you might want to include in this list.

However, if you are looking to build a smart home, you can never go wrong with smart devices and appliances from any of these smart tech giants.