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Teckin makes a variety of smart products, including these plugs. These plugs in particular are quite a similar design to others in the category, featuring a round, cylindrical body and a button on the side. They come in a few different package sizes, including 1, 2 and 4.

You can control these plugs from your cell phone, with the free Smart Life app to quickly turn on/off connected devices. You can also control them with your voice, by pairing them with Amazon Alexa, Google Home or via IFTTT. Alternatively, you can set these plugs up to run on a schedule, which could be useful for things like turning the TV off at a certain time when you’re trying to fell asleep.


  • Not as bulky as some others, making it easier to put multiple next to each other.
  • High quality for a relatively low price.
  • Quick and easy setup with their free app.


  • Only supports 2.4GHz WiFi.
  • Customers reported limited customer support and instructions.
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Overall, these plugs may be the right ones for you, if you have good internet (and WiFi that outputs a 2.4GHz signal) and want to get a bit of a bargain in the price.

We also deducted some points here for durability, as some customers reported their plugs stopping working after only a few months. This doesn’t seem to be overly common though, so perhaps they just got a bad apple.

We can confidently say that these plugs are good value for money, and are one of the more budget friendly options for starting your smart home.



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